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The 13th Conference of International Development and Urban Planning(CIDUP)

The Asian City Planning Group, City Planning Institute of Japan (CPIJ) is pleased to host the 13th Conference of International Development and Urban Planning (CIDUP). Scholars, officers, graduate and undergraduate students whose interests lie in the related research areas are all encouraged to attend the meeting. The main purpose of the meeting is to explore the themes on the city planning in the Asian or African region, other developing countries and Japan, through research presentations and information exchanges.

We also invite you to give presentations; anyone who is willing to do should send his/her paper to the secretariat according to the following information.

For any questions, please contact the 13thCIDUP Secretariat.


December 23rd (Saturday), 2017: 12:50-18:00
* The registration desk will open at 12:20.
Meisei University Hino Campus 

     Access Map: http://www.meisei-u.ac.jp/english/meisei/access.html

Presentations and Discussion Sessions (English)   

We're holding a small party after the conference.
Its fee will be 1,000 yen except for students.

Accommodation arrangements should be made by participants.


All those who submit the paper will be required to make presentations at this conference on December 23rd 2017.


City planning in Asian or African region or other developing countries, Japanese city planning from the viewpoint of Asia or Africe

- Anyone whose research theme corresponds with the theme of the conference.
- Membership of CPIJ is not required.


Guidelines for Preparing Manuscripts

Abstract Submission Deadline
November 13th (Monday), 2017
- title, author(s), affiliation(s), contact address and 200-300 words Abstract

Full paper Submission Deadline
December 4th (Monday), 2017

- title, author(s), affiliation(s), contact address, 4 pages extended abstract or 6-10 pages of full paper

Sending address
- Papers should be emailed to es-aacp2017[at]ml.meisei-u.ac.jp  (please change [at] into @ when you e-mail) in the PDF format.
- Applicants should note that it is only accepted electronic data and that no printed paper be needed to submit.

Peer review
No peer review is basically scheduled.


<Any inquiries about the meeting should be sent to the following contact address.>

Secretariat: Dr. KOBAYASHI Toshio or Dr. NISHIURA Sadatsugu (Faculty of Environmental Science, Meisei University)
E-mail: es-aacp2017[at]ml.meisei-u.ac.jp (please change [at] into @ when you e-mail)  (contact via e-mail is strongly recommended)

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